While most of the information you need to build Segments and Campaigns is in the Customer 360 database, there are times when you need another attribute or additional calculations. In the past, in order to do this you would have had to add a new table to the Customer 360 database, which often added time and complexity.
We've now added the ability for you to use Queries to create additional attributes (or outputs) that can be used in the Visual Segment Editor, Segments, and Campaigns. This means that anyone who is able to write Queries can now make the output of a Query (both visual and SQL) available in Segments (as Attributes and Customer Lists) and Campaigns (as Destination Attributes).
Some specific applications of this feature include:
  • Creating a complex view of customers based on C360 attributes via SQL to then include or exclude in Segments for downstream Campaigns
  • Creating custom join logic on an uploaded list and other C360 datapoints for further segmentation in VSE and Campaigns
Using this is easy - just write a Query, make sure it has an Amperity ID column, and check to make it available in the Segment Editor. Another important note - because Queries can reference uploaded files, you can now use the two features together. For example, you can upload a list of customers or products or other items, then write a query that joins those to an Amperity ID, and then make the result available for segmentation.
We're excited to see what you do with these new capabilities, and as always let us know any feedback on ways we can improve them!