We’re pleased to announce new behavior segmentation tools in the Visual Segment Editor. Going forward, you can easily segment based on the Transactional Activity of their customers and filter these activities further by brand, item category, item sub-category, and item description. Mixing and matching these criteria and using relative dates opens up new journey-based campaign opportunities.
For example, you can now find customers who have purchased a particular product twice in the last 30 days; or customers who have made a repeat purchase of a particular product. This has always been possible in the SQL editor but we recognized that was not as accessible to users who prefer point and click segmentation.
Available clauses include:
  • First Order
  • Repeat Order
  • Most Common Order
  • Total Value of Orders
  • Has Purchased
  • Has Not Purchased
The following animation is an example of this capability at work:
2022-09-22 17